Billy Mackenzie

Billy Mackenzie

Billy Mackenzie

Label: One Little Indian

Born in Dundee, Billy Mackenzie formed the legendary Associates with Alan Rankine in 1979. Post Rankine’s departure from the band in ’82, Mackenzie continued working under the same name until the 1990s when he began to use his own name. His debut album ‘Outernational’ was released in 1992, followed 5 years later by ‘Beyond The Sun’. Struggling with depression and the death of his mother, Mackenzie sadly committed suicide on 22 January 1997. Four albums were released posthumously (three through OLI), the last – ‘Transmission Impossible’ arriving in 2005. In June 2009, a play was staged in Dundee about Mackenzie’s life.



  • Billy Mackenzie

    Beyond The Sun

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