Marc Carroll - ‘Love Is All Or Love Is Not At All’ is Out Now

06 Nov 2015

We are over the moon to announce that Marc Carroll releases his highly anticipated new album ‘Love Is All Or Love Is Not At All’. This follows on from Marc’s critically acclaimed ‘Stone Beads and Silver’ and the 2014 release of re-mastered and expanded editions of his first four albums. Love Is All Of Love Is Not At All is Marc Carroll’s 7th studio album and is available as a limited edition double 12” vinyl with MP3 download card, and exclusive postcard and print by Gee Vaucher.

The record was produced by Marc Carroll and Graham Sutton (Bark Psychosis, The New Puritans) and brings together ten unwavering songs that reflect upon the triumph of love over destruction and adversity.

The title track is a collaboration with poet, author, philosopher and legendary musician, Penny Rimbaud, celebrated for his work with the seminal and continually influential band, CRASS. In a similar vein is the accompanying subtly subversive artwork deigned by Gee Vaucher, responsible for the iconic CRASS artwork.

Marc: “Everything about Penny and Gee resonates with me, their art, words, sense of humour. Their life’s work has influenced millions. And it has been a life’s work. It’s a beautiful story that is still lived out to this day. Quite simply, there is no authority but yourself.”

Penny: “What’s my connection with Marc? A sense of love. What kind of sense is that? Common sense. It’s all in the title, Love Is All Or Love Is Not At All.”

Much of the work here resonates with these connections and associations - from the opening track, ‘No Hallelujah Here’, a humble yet searing reflection on the killing of four small boys playing football on a beach during the vicious attacks on Gaza in 2014, to the triumphant call for unity and love, ‘Ball and Chain’. The former was the first song written for the new record and in the broadest sense frames the album’s themes.

‘Love Is All Or Love Is Not At All’ is an inspiring meditation on the nature of love itself with Marc’s music perfectly complimented by a poem written by Penny exclusively for the album, while ‘A Child in Mindstream’ - reminiscent of a New Orleans funeral march, replete with blazing, improvised Jazz trumpet by Noel Langley (Bill Fay) - conjures up an apocalyptic, almost visual contemplation on nature.

In keeping with the spirit of the album, Jody Stephens from the legendary Big Star, drums on the powerful and celebratory ‘Lost and Lonely’, while Pete Thomas (The Attractions) drums on ‘Ball and Chain’ and ‘Catalina In The Distance’. My Morning Jacket’s Bo Koster makes a welcome reappearance adding keys to ‘No Hallelujah Here’, ‘A Child in Mindstream’, ‘Catalina in the Distance’ and ‘Against All Odds’.

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