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29 Jul



Disco Inferno’s ‘The 5 EPs’. Remastered, Reissued.

26 Aug 2011

One of the first wave of ‘post-rock’ acts, Disco Inferno were one of the most ambitious and isolated bands of the ‘90s combining avant-garde aesthetics and ground-breaking sampling with a basis in solid pop hooks. The forthcoming digitally remastered reissue of ‘The 5 EPs’ makes available their original Cheree and Rough Trade 12” releases together for the first time on CD and digital download. Over the three-year span (1992-95) that the compilation covers, Disco Inferno were quite simply, jaw-droppingly great, mining a steady stream of pioneering recordings. The subject of much renewed interest (see Tom Ewing’s recent ‘On Music’ Guardian Film & Music editorial) - MGMT have been particularly vocal in acknowledging DI’s influence - “Sounds like the future. I’m still figuring out just how cool they are” gushed an overawed Ben Goldwasser to Q Magazine earlier this year and MGMT’s new ‘Late Night Tales’ compilation features two DI tracks. But DI’s influence is also acknowledged in the likes of Third Eye Foundation, Deerhunter, Animal Collective, Black Dice, The Avalanches, Battles, and No Age. “Still sound timeless and fresh” opine The Wire in their new issue, Mojo saluting “an umipeachably brilliant treasure”.

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Samaris: ‘Brennur Stjarna’ Video Premiere on Clash + Single Release

29 Jul 2014

Samaris kicked off the release of their new single ‘Brennur Stjarna’ with an

Ásgeir: ‘Was There Nothing?’ Single Release + Video Premiere on LOBF

28 Jul 2014

Ásgeir released his new single ‘Was There Nothing?’ today, including an

God Damn to Support Pulled Apart by Horses

22 Jul 2014

God Damn have announced they will be supporting Pulled Apart by Horses on a run

Ásgeir: Worldwide release of ‘King and Cross’ Music Video

21 Jul 2014

After first premiering on NPR, Ásgeir’s new ‘King and Cross’ video is live

Ásgeir and Bjork chosen for Nordic Playlist No. 28

16 Jul 2014

Bjork‘s ‘It’s Oh So Quiet’ and Ásgeir’s ‘Leyndarmál’ have been chosen as 2

Kathryn Williams: ‘Underground’ video premiering on Folk Radio UK.

16 Jul 2014

Kathryn Williams ‘Underground’ music video is premiering at Folk Radio UK and

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