20 May 2015

Astrid Williamson has announced she will be releasing a brand new album titled ‘We Go To Dream’, which will be released on the 31st July. She will be performing an intimate showcase of the album at The Slaughtered Lamb in London on the 2nd June, get your tickets here to see it live for the first time.

The title track wonders “if humanity can ever dream up a better future than rampant capitalism and materialism.” While lead single, ‘Hide In Your Heart’ posits an escape into love in the face of humanity’s problems - such as those on ‘Loaded Like A Gun’, “a protest song, anti-war and pro-feminist,” she says. “The divinity we find in humanity gets completely trashed by ideologies. It offends me that we’re backtracking on the rights that women fought for a hundred years ago.” 

The results - from beautiful widescreen vistas (‘We Go To Dream’, ‘Hide In Your Heart’ and ‘Ambienza’) to hook-lined dance (‘Loaded Like A Gun’, ‘Say Goodbye’, ‘Home’) and exquisitely bruised ballads (‘Scattered’, ‘Vermillion’, ‘Captured’, ‘Saint Saviour’) – are typically hard to pigeonhole. “I love diversity,” says Astrid. “So that’s the kind of music I do. I still like pop music, those big in-your-face choruses….You have to make the album that you want to.”

Pre-order the album now on CD and Digital Download.


Anarcho punks Bad Breeding release their EP Abandonment

27 Apr 2018

The brand new EP from Stevenage-based anarcho punks Bad Breeding is out today! 

Björk releases ‘Arisen My Senses’ remixes

21 Mar 2018

Björk has released three remixes of ‘Arisen My Senses’ by Kelly Lee Owens,

Ásgeir releases I Know You Know rework by Niklas Paschburg

09 Mar 2018

Icelandic singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ásgeir is set to release

Bad Breeding share ‘Abandonment’ & announce EP with One Little Indian

08 Mar 2018

Bad Breeding have today returned with a brand new track - a riotous,

PJ Harvey and Harry Escott Release New Track on Cognitive Shift

09 Feb 2018

British composer Harry Escott and artist PJ Harvey have collaborated on An Acre

Björk releases limited edition aqua vinyl of ‘Blissing Me’ remixes

07 Feb 2018

Designed by long-term collaborators M/M, Björk is releasing a limited edition

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