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A.R. Kane : Complete Singles Collection

12 Jul 2012

One Little Indian are proud to confirm the release of ‘Complete Singles Collection’ by Dreampop pioneers A.R. Kane. The compilation features all of the bands singles between 1986 and 1994 - 33 tracks over 2 discs - and is due for release on October 1st.

“Not only were A.R. Kane renowned and revered, but, in certain quarters, they were regarded and written up as one of the central groups of their era.  The singles and albums received rave reviews (and when I say “rave” I mean frothing at the mouth, purple-prose-drooling paeans).  Their faces appeared on the front covers of the British music weekly papers.  But A.R. Kane weren’t just critics’s faves either. Sixty nine, their debut album, topped the independent charts in the summer of 1988.”
- Simon Reynolds

Singles featured on the compilation include:

‘When You’re Sad’- 12” Single - 1986
‘Lollita’ - 12” Single - 1987
M|A|R|R|S: ‘Anitina’ - 12” Single - 1987
‘Up Home!’ - 12” Single - 1988
‘Love-sick’ - 12” Single - 1988
‘Pop’ - 12” Single - 1989
‘Crack Up’ - 1990
‘A Love From Outer Space’ - 1992
‘Sea Like a Child’ CD EP - 1994
‘Honey Be (For Stella)’ CD Single - 1994

A.R. Kane ‘Complete Singles Collection’ will be released on October 1st


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