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Astrid Williamson’s ‘We Go To Dream’ Out Now

31 Jul 2015

Astrid Williamson’s highly anticipated new album ‘We Go To Dream’ is out today!

There is a definite theme of change and reinvention to Astrid Williamson’s life since her 2011 album Pulse broke fresh new ground for the singer-songwriter and, following an extended period as a studio collaborator and touring musician with Dead Can Dance, she returns with a brand new album of her own. We Go To Dream, released on the 31st July explores Astrid’s need to keep pushing the boundaries of her work.

Principally, the album follows three threads. First, what Astrid calls, “the addiction of love,” often in its unrequited form, of which ‘Scattered’ is her most heart-aching song ever, here in its original demo form as no subsequent recording could match the vocals intensity. ‘My Beautiful Muse’, by comparison, is more about a love affair that petered out, “There is a poignant, gentle sense of loss in that track,” she feels.

The title track wonders “if humanity can ever dream up a better future than rampant capitalism and materialism.” While lead single, ‘Hide In Your Heart’ posits an escape into love in the face of humanity’s problems - such as those on ‘Loaded Like A Gun’, “a protest song, anti-war and pro-feminist,” she says. “The divinity we find in humanity gets completely trashed by ideologies. It offends me that we’re backtracking on the rights that women fought for a hundred years ago.” 

The third theme is “the spiritual element inside…trying to find that divine spark in ourselves, because we can’t be fulfilled outwardly.” A practitioner of Transcendental Meditation (TM) and inspired by film director David Lynch’s Operation Warrior Wellness, Astrid is contributing some original classical music to the David Lynch Foundation in the UK, working with veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Watch the video for the single ‘Hide In Your Heart’

You can get your copy now:

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Astrid Williamson’s ‘We Go To Dream’ Out Now

31 Jul 2015

Astrid Williamson’s highly anticipated new album ‘We Go To Dream’ is out today!

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