Daniel Figgis

Daniel Figgis

Daniel Figgis

Label: Rough Trade Records

A musician from Dublin, Daniel Figgis used to operate under the alias Binttii or Haa Lacka Binttii, but reverted back to his real name in 1987. He was originally in a band called Normal Service Will Be Resumed As Soon As Possible – reputed to sound like “punk meets Rick Wakeman” – before joining The Virgin Prunes. Figgis appeared on the first 2 singles in 1981 before being kicked out, after which he formed his next group, Princess Tinymeat. This next project was active until 1987 at which time the band split up and Figgis went solo. The acclaimed debut album ‘Skipper’ wasn’t released until 1994 and his next LP ‘Black Burst’ didn’t arrive until 2003. Figgis has also produced bands The Threat and The Gorehounds.

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