Dan Sartain

Latest tweet: I'm killing my twitter. It's not that useful from what I can tell.
9 Feb
Dan Sartain


Dan Sartain

Label: One Little Indian

Dan Sartain is a musician who has been traveling the world playing his music for years. He performs both as a solo act or with a full band, and delivers consistently. With a string of releases for the One Little Indian label (Dan Sartain vs. the Serpientes, Join Dan Sartain, Dan Sartain Lives, and Legacy of Hospitality), the native Alabamian shows no signs of slowing. With a down stroke ridden new record in the can, look for Too Tough To Live to be in stores and online sometime before Fall 2011.

If good reviews were food, Dan Sartain would be a fatty. Keep a look out for him now and in years to come.


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