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The Björk Stonemilker 360 video virtual reality application

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bjork vr app 1

Immerse your senses with Björk on Grotta Beach at the edge of Reyjkjavík as she performs the song Stonemilker to an exclusive string arrangement.

The application is designed for use on smartphones ideally with a third party virtual reality viewer such as Google Cardboard, Freefly VR or the Zeiss VR ONE. Don’t worry if you don’t have one of these however as there is also a Magic Window mode so you can still get some of the effects.

After starting the application you’ll see this screen:

bjork vr app 2

Selecting the correct button for the experience playback is important as it the video output has been specially formatted for different devices.

In order to get the most out of the application you should be sitting down (no falling over please) and using headphones. 

Please also follow the onscreen instructions to make sure your device is the correct way up as this will affect the special ‘binaural’ immersive sound mix that Björk created for the experience.

bjork vr app 3

If you see the message ‘Please rotate your phone 180 degrees’ on the screen then you need to take your phone out of the viewer and flip it around to make sure you hear Björk singing from the correct location.

Once the song is playing you can pause or return to the menu by touching the screen. 

bjork vr app 4

The application is unsuitable in ‘virtual reality’ mode for children under the age of 13 and please stop using it immediately if you experience anything unpleasant such as eye strain, disorientation or other symptoms similar to motion sickness.

Enjoy it!


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